Permite C 1 amalgam 500 capsules -
    • Permite C 1 amalgam 500 capsules -

    Permite C 1 amalgam 500 capsules

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    Permite C (1) 400 mg is a high-silver amalgam with no gamma 2 phase.

    Permite C is a very hard amalgam (170 HV- hardness units) which guarantees abrasion resistance and the ability to permanently gloss.


    Permite C's high plasticity enables easy and quick insertion into the cavity

    the right proportion of regular / copper / and irregular / silver / particles ensures efficient processing and obtaining a lasting gloss / standard polishing techniques /

    Petmite C fillings have a very good tightness

    Chemical composition:

    silver 56.0%

    tin 27.9%

    copper 15.4%

    indium 0.5%

    zinc 0.2%

    low mercury content Hg 48.72%

    Capsule system:

    400 mg of alloy / 1/380 mg of mercury /

    Packaging: Capsules packed in 500 pieces.