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    Activa BioActive Kids 8g

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    Activa BioACTIVE-Kids - the first hydrophilic, bioactive filling for children.

    Dental Advisor gave Activa a score of 98%.

    The first hydrophilic, bioactive material for the reconstruction of milk teeth recognized by the ADA.

    The hydrophilicity of the material is a particular advantage in the treatment of children, where keeping the treatment area dry is often difficult to achieve.

    It creates calcium-phosphate apatite that occurs naturally in the tooth (a type of hydroxyapatite), which prevents marginal micro-leakage.

    It stimulates the natural re-mineralization of the tooth.

    They chemically bond with tooth tissues thanks to ion exchange at the molecular level.

    Thanks to the content of a bioactive resin matrix, pressure-absorbing ingredients with the addition of rubber and bioactive fillers, they mimic the physical and chemical properties of the teeth in a natural way.

    The water content in the particles causes the material to actively participate in the dynamic exchange of calcium, phosphorus and fluorine ions between the tooth and the oral cavity, maintaining the balance between them.

    It is an excellent alternative to traditional glass ionomers and flow materials.

    They do not contain Bisphenlou A, Bis-GMA and BPA derivatives.

    Triple binding mechanism:


    chemically hardened,

    GI binding reaction.

    Activa BioACTIVE-Kids is in the PEDO shade - a special color closest to the color of milk teeth (light shade B)

    Available packaging: 5ml (8g) self-mixing syringe, 20 x mixing tips.