FibreKleer 4X Tapered Drill

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    FibreKleer 4x Tapered Drill - drill for crown-root inlays.

    Glass fiber inserts are very durable, resistant to bending. They provide excellent aesthetics, necessary in the case of all-ceramic restorations. Translucent glass fibers arranged in bundles in a patented translucent composite matrix. Due to the modulus of elasticity, which is similar to dentin, the inlays flex with the tooth and transfer the load evenly along the rest of the root structure. This significantly reduces the risk of root fracture, compared to metal inserts. To ensure quick identification, all FibreKleer 4x glass fiber inserts and the corresponding drill bits are color coded.

    Drill sizes:

    • 1.25 mm,
    • 1,375 mm,
    • 1.50 mm

    The drills, as well as the inserts for quick identification, are marked with a color code:

    • 1.25 mm - black,
    • 1,375 mm - purple,
    • 1.50 mm - green,

    The package includes: FibreKleer 4X Tapered Drill Pentron in the selected, available variant.