Spirias Putty (HIGH VISCOSITY) 2 x 480g

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    SPIRIAS is an impression material based on polyvinylsiloxane with high hydrophilicity, addition hardening, used for impressions
    detailed. SPIRIAS Type A silicone impression material is available in various viscosities to enable dentists to
    taking detailed and precise impressions and selecting the appropriate material/technique.
    Flexible working time and quick curing option suitable for two-step and one-step techniques
    The most accurate details and exceptional precision
    Low contact angle and excellent wettability, high hydrophilicity
    Excellent adaptability to hard or soft moist oral tissues
    High elasticity and excellent tensile strength
    SPIRIAS is characterized by high tear strength, exceptional flexibility, and the impressions are easy to remove from the cavity
    oral cavity and regain their shape after any deformation that may have occurred during removal.
    SPIRIAS impressions remain dimensionally stable for up to two weeks. This means there is no immediate need
    casting models.
    SPIRIAS impressions can be immersed in a disinfecting solution (sodium hypochlorite, glutaraldehyde 0.5%, halogenated phenol
    0.16%, benzalkonium chloride 0.5%).
    Polyvinyl siloxane, methyl hydrogen siloxane, silanized nanoparticle fillers, pigments (food grade) and other materials
    For full or partial dentures.
    As a final impression in the production of indirect restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays, prosthetic onlays and veneers). For implants
    For creating a matrix or planning treatment and preparing research models after waxing.
    As a matrix for the production of temporary prosthetic restorations.
    Do not use in allergic patients known to be sensitive to components of the SPIRIAS-based measurement material.

    Packaging: 2 x 60g cartridges